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  1. I have long experienced and victim that it is very hard to find the most of the academic course’s curriculum and syllabus on the Internet in case of Nepal’s government universities, schools as well as reading materials has not been found online. So, I will try to post some of the course related curriculum, syllabus and articles of rear materials available in the market like: MPA, LLB, ICT etc. here in my site, so that you can easily find even something online. I have always been one who liked to help. This blog will be the meeting point with me and you forever.
  2. Most of the people in Nepal are searching job day by day with the higher degree certificate but they didn’t get job in hand. So, I would like to discuss online jobs and posting the ways to do work online and earn money with or without invest as your requirement.
  3. This blog also cover the area of professional courses about computer and or ICT. Training of Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Publisher and other higher professional courses Like: Web design, Graphic Designing etc.
  4. The way of Blogging and Blog.

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Myself Ishwar Kumar Bhattarai !!!

I always like try to search and post in this blog about your day to day need-base articles. I promise you to no scam and any kind fraud by registering your mail id, Phone no. etc. and so on. I only like to request you to like and comment what you find on this blog and even in the posts. I always welcome you to like, comment, subscribe, share and such kind of social activity and suggestions.

Do you want to know How I Started Blog?

I would like to explain why I started this blog and most important is how can you benefited from this blog. I have tried to make website or blogs sometimes when I was reading in higher secondary level, but I was not sure that what I will have to blog about? Finally I thought to start a blog at any way. I slowly get involved in blogging since 2010.

Due to lack of learning and searching time lately I started my free hosting blog first in 2011. There is a saying that “thousands miles of travel began with the single step”. I started to give little time in blogging. I started learning more to create a blog, adding code and maintain content and all things. I create and posted some Blogspot to my blog and research more reading ebook and searching other’s blog as well. I read thousands of articles and used many tools & techniques to learn about blogging. My passion for learning the latest web tools and technologies such as free blogging and making website by just drag and dropped like WordPress and so on with the little bit skill of web design & development.

Now I like WordPress very much and using this tools and various free and easy available plugins I have created http://www.ishor.com.np website quick easily.

I believe that blogging is really good idea to help educate others and make awareness to others. I wanted to share what I have gained knowledge and what I learning from blogging so that I can be your helper in to improve your blogs in some cases as well.

What benefits you will have Reading this Blog?

You can get numerous blogs in the web planet already out there. The huge blogs and numerous bloggers are already in the market to make blogging crowded.  No one of the are really focused one thing and covers single subject and not categorized the content. It seems many of them get overlooked if you see the existing things. The objective of my blog is to focused on blogging tips, Health tips, Family care tips and Earn from online doing blogging from home. My main goal to start this blog is to:

  1. learn you blogging free and top quality step by step.
  2. Share more things categorically like: Exercise and Meditation, Good food for health, beauty of nature as well.
  3. specially to earn online from home with blogging slowly.
  4. Academic course contents and syllabus can get online for FREE.

Here are some reasons and clues that how this blog useful for everyone:

  • Academic course contents and syllabus can get online for FREE. Even those course contents, which are not even in market (Like: MPA, LLB and more…)
  • Convert site visitors into money with blogging
  • Build your own and more profitable blog
  • Increase attraction traffic to your blog
  • Maintained SEO with blog

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