Israeli Securities Authority Establish Committee to Consider ICO Regulations

The head of the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) has announced the establishment of a committee tasked with assessing the need for ICO regulations in Israel. The committee has been assigned to determine whether or not initial coin offerings fall under the purview of securities legislation.   The New ISA Committee Has Been Tasked With Assessing If ICOs Should Fall Under the Legislative Apparatus Governing Securities Trading in Israel The new ISA committee is expected to submit its assessments regarding ICO regulations by December 31st, 2017. The committee is to be headed by the head of the ISA’s Corporate Department, Moti Yamin, and ISA chief economist, Dr. Gitit Gur-Gershgoren. The committee is reported to have been tasked with five specific directives – “1. Evaluate the financial essence of ICOs and whether it overlaps with other financial activity under Israeli law; 2. Make a comparative analysis of cryptocurrency regulations in various countries to evaluate the legitimacy of Bitcoin; 3. Examine if cryptocurrency trading and ICOs should be watched by the ISA; 4. Devise a… View All ….“Israeli Securities Authority Establish Committee to Consider ICO Regulations”


2017/09/04. Bitcoin price prediction for next months and years. Current Bitcoin price equal to 4570.38 Dollars per 1 Bitcoin. Day’s range 4527.92-4712.42. Previous day’s price 4660.01, change -1,92%. Bitcoin price prediction for September 2017. The price for beginning of September 4742 Dollars. The predicted maximum price 7102 and minimum 4713. Averaged price for month 5799. Bitcoin at the end 6637, change for September 39.96%. BTC to USD prediction for October 2017. The price for beginning of October 6637 Dollars. The predicted maximum price 8238 and minimum 6637. Averaged price for month 7303. Bitcoin at the end 7699, change for October 16.00%. Bitcoin Price Prediction By Month. Year Month Open Max Min Close Average Month%Ch Total%Ch 2017 September 4742 7102 4713 6637 5799 39.96% 39.96% 2017 October 6637 8238 6637 7699 7303 16.00% 55.96% 2017 November 7699 8789 7639 8214 8085 6.69% 62.65% 2017 December 8214 10195 8214 9528 9038 16.00% 78.65% 2018 January 9528 11826 9528 11052 10484 15.99% 94.64% 2018 February 11052 11052 9230 9925 10315 -10.20% 84.44% 2018 March 9925 12319 9925… View All ….“BITCOIN PRICE PREDICTION FOR 2017, 2018 AND 2019”

Another All Time High – Bitcoin Breaks Through 5,000 USD on Asian Exchanges

The price of bitcoin reached the milestone value of US$5,000 per BTC on Friday night, September 1, briefly touching tops between $5,013 and $5,149 on Asian exchanges. Bitcoin has had an outstanding run in 2017, climbing over 700% over the past eight months.   Magical Internet Money Hits $5k The decentralized currency Bitcoin has rallied hard this year, climbing from $1,000 per BTC on January 1st to $5,000 per BTC on the first of September. The digital asset had a substantial market capitalization of approx. $82.6B with only 16.5 million bitcoins currently in circulation. Further, bitcoin trade volume has been quite significant as the currency is trading over $2.6B every 24-hour period over the past week. All of this adds up to positioning bitcoin as the top performing currency in the whole world. So far in 2017 bitcoin has outperformed all government issued tender and a vast majority of stocks and commodities — Everyone’s favorite magical internet money beat them all. Mainstream Attention and Exceeding Expectations BTC captures US$5019 on a… View All ….“Another All Time High – Bitcoin Breaks Through 5,000 USD on Asian Exchanges”

Fork Wars: Segwit Lock-In and Communication Breakdown

Segregated Witness has officially locked-in and bitcoin’s price is currently coasting along at $3430. Even though Bitcoin market prices have rallied to new all time highs after the August 1 hard fork, both Bitcoin and the newly formed network, Bitcoin Cash still have some uncertain futures ahead.   Bitcoin Cash Pushes Forward as Network Strengthens The hard fork happened, and the Bitcoin network split into two different blockchains that share a previous history. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network has survived an entire week, with five mining pools dedicating hashpower towards this alternative chain. Currently, the Bitcoin blockchain is still 899 blocks ahead of the new BCH chain, and it’s also 54 percent more profitable to mine BTC than BCH. However, this will change on August 8 as Bitcoin’s difficulty is going to increase approx. 7 percent while the BCH chain has been lowered to 17 percent of BTC’s current difficulty. At the moment there have been 240 BCH blocks mined since the blockchain split and an ‘unknown miner’ has processed more than… View All ….“Fork Wars: Segwit Lock-In and Communication Breakdown”

Czech National Bank: “Don’t Be Afraid of Bitcoin”

The Czech National Bank has distributed an announcement tending to bitcoin and cryptographic money on its site. The archive tends to the fame of bitcoin in Prague and the Czech Republic, talks about whether digital money represents a risk to the customary keeping money framework, and contends that fiat monetary forms include preferred monetary forms over bitcoin because of value soundness. The Czech National Bank States That There “Is No Reason for Banks to Fear” Bitcoin Czech National Bank: “Don’t Be Afraid of Bitcoin” The Czech National Bank’s announcement with respect to digital currency is titled “Don’t fear bitcoin”, and looks to address famous attestations in regards to the potential dangers that bitcoin and cryptographic money may posture to existing fiscal frameworks. The record begins by expressing that “Prague is home to a solid group of digital currency supporters and clients.” The announcement at that point quickly swings to “questions seeing whether foundations, for example, the Czech National Bank ought to fear bitcoin… . What’s more, of their influence to… View All ….“Czech National Bank: “Don’t Be Afraid of Bitcoin””

Trade sued for 3085 Bitcoins in the wake of Reversing Bitcoin-Ether Trades

A noteworthy bitcoin trade with a solid nearness in Japan, Quoine, is being sued for turning around bitcoin-ether exchanges after it supposedly experienced a framework glitch. Cryptographic money exchanges on the stage should be irreversible, so the offended party claims Quoine acted falsely and looks for the arrival of 3,085 bitcoins. Quoine Sued for Reversing Trades One of Asia’s biggest bitcoin trades, the Singapore-based Quoine, is purportedly being sued over the inversion of bitcoin-ether exchanges. This claim is the nation’s first bitcoin-particular legitimate debate, as per The Straits Times on Monday. The offended party is a market marker known as B2C2, who submitted offer requests on Quoine’s stage at the rate of 10 bitcoins for one ETH on April 19, when the market cost of one Bitcoin Exchange Sued for 3085 Bitcoins After Reversing Bitcoin-Ether TradesETH was around 0.04 bitcoin. The requests were filled and credited around the same time; B2C2 paid 309.2518 ETH and got 3092.517116 bitcoins. In any case, the following day Quoine turned around the exchanges and… View All ….“Trade sued for 3085 Bitcoins in the wake of Reversing Bitcoin-Ether Trades”