Hi Everyone!

About Me My Blog and Blogging Myself Ishwar Kumar Bhattarai !!! Welcome to my blog and thank you for Visit. I have long experienced and victim that Tribhuvan University not published even their syllabus in website and no reading materials has been found in online. So, I will try to post some of the course related articles here in my site, so that it will easy to find even something online. I have always been one who liked to help. This blog, in a way, is my attempt to “help” in some small way and has been on my mind for years, actually.  I’ll explain. Do you want to know How I Started Blog? I would like to explain why I started this blog and most important is how can you benefited from this blog. I have tried to make website or blogs sometimes when I was reading in higher secondary level, but I was not sure that what I will have to blog about? Finally I thought to start… View All ….“Hi Everyone!”