A to Z Affiliate Marketing Tips and Techniques for Beginners – Especially Nepali Affiliate Marketers or Bloggers

While talking with many Nepali bloggers, I discover that must of them are still unknown about an Affiliate marketing. Blogger in Nepal is only familiar with the Google AdSense and its alternatives. They think google Adsense is only a way to earn money online from their blog. But according to me, it is totally wrong. You can earn very high revenue from affiliate marketing than the google Adsense only if you have detailed information about affiliate marketing.

In this tutorial, you will learn A – Z information about affiliate marketing, how it works, how to increase affiliate revenue and so on.

A to Z Affiliate Marketing Tips and Techniques for Beginners – Especially Nepali Affiliate Marketers or Bloggers

1. What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing tips and tricksFor me, Affiliate marketing is a source for making money online without any investment. Many bloggers in the world are now paying more attention towards an affiliate marketing. You know? You don’t need websites or blog to join some affiliate networks. Isn’t it very interesting?

2. How Does It Work?

After joining an affiliate network, login into your account. After that, you need to pick up product related to your blog niche. Let say my blog is about movie and music so, I picked some product related to movies and music. You can also choose other products according to your choice. After that generate the affiliate link of that product and promote it on the social network like facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on. Whenever your visitors click on that link and do valid purchase, you will earn revenue.

3. What Are The Types Of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing mainly works on CPS model i.e Cost Per Sale. You will earn money only after the valid purchase. There is also another affiliate network that works on the different model. Some of the affiliate models are like -:

CPA (Cost Per Action) – CPA i.e when your visitors click on your affiliate link and do some action like downloading, installing, sign up, the online survey then you will receive revenue.

CPL (Cost Per Lead ) -: This type of affiliate network mainly focuses on email/zip submit.

CPI (Cost Per Install) – This type of affiliate network mainly focuses on downloading and installing, that may be game or apps.

CPC (Cost Per Click) – This type of affiliate network only focuses on the clicks. But it is very hard to find CPC affiliate network.

4. Why Affiliate Marketing Is Best For Nepali Blogger

We all know Nepal lies in Asia, and the CPM and CPC rates for Asian countries including Nepal are very very low in comparison to English speaking countries like Us, UK,.Australia and Canada. That’s the reason why we Nepalese people are not earning enough revenue like blogger of tier 1 countries. The CPM rates i.e rates per 1000 ads impression for tier 1 traffic sometimes used to hit $3-$5. But for Nepal its only $0.05-$0.30.

To earn decent revenue, you have to pay more attention towards SEO and blog promotion. Without high blog traffic, it is not possible to earn more money from your blog like you dreamed.

If you have an approved Adsense account then you can earn handsome revenue from your blog. Google Adsense is still the king of all the advertising networks. You can find dozens of network saying that they will pay you higher, the CPM rates are high. But the fact is that none of the advertising networks found on the web pay you higher than
the google Adsense. I have tried many ad networks like Chitika, bidvertise, revenuehits, infolinks…. the earnings are still the same. This may be the reason why Nepali blogger only depends upon Google Adsense.

I had already mentioned above that some of the affiliate marketing do not require a website or a blog. You can promote your affiliate link on any social network that you like.

Here question may arise, why affiliate marketing is best for Nepali blogger? I don’t say it is 100% suitable for Nepali blogger, but according to my personal view, it is best than the google Adsense alternatives.

Ok now here we are on the topic. Ad network mainly works on CPM model i.e rates for per 1000 ads impression and affiliate marketing works on cps model i.e rates for per sale. Let say your blog used to generate 5000 blog traffic and 4000 ads impression a day. The CPM rate is $2 then you will earn 4000/1000*2 = $8 a day.

But in affiliate marketing, you will not get paid for CPM and CPC. Let say you are generating the same blog traffic i.e 5000 traffic a day and you are promoting website hosting platform which offers $90 per sale. You are getting 5000 blog visitors a day. If one of your blog visitor purchases that hosting package then you will earn a total amount of $90 a day. If you manage to sell 5 web hosting packages a day then you will earn $90*5 = $450 a day. Now say, which is best?

You can also promote your affiliate link in a various social network to attracts more visitors and buyers. Like ad network, affiliate marketing does not require tier 1 traffic. You can earn decent revenue from your Nepali traffic. Nothing in this world is impossible. Work hard with your heart, you will achieve huge success one day.

5. Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

I think you have already got the main benefits of affiliate marketing. Along with that, you can also find much more benefits of affiliate marketing.

Source: http://www.imnepal.com