Old Question – 2071 (Urban Governance and Development Management)

Tribhuvan University


Master Level MPA/II Year / Mgmt.                                                                                          FM 80

LGD 642 – Urban Governance & Development Management                                               Time: 4 hr

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

The questions are of equal value.

Group ‘A’                                             [2×20=40]

(Long Answer Questions)

Attempt any TWO questions

  1. Trace briefly the emergence and development of urban centers in Nepal
  2. What are urban politicies? How the are significant in the development of systematic urban areas? Discuss.
  3. Discuss the reasons of haphazard growth of urban areas in Nepal.


Group –’B’                                           [4×10=40]

(Short Answer Questions)

  1. Distinguish between urban finance and municipal finance.
  2. Give reasons why urban poverty is increasing in Nepal.
  3. Identify major urban institutions and their roles in Nepal.
  4. What is partnership? How is it working in urban governance in Nepal?
  5. State briefly the urban governance strategy adopted in 13th three year plan.
  6. What are the bases of classification of urban areas in Nepal?