MPA 2nd Year : LGD 642: Urban Governance and Development Management

Urban Governance and Development Management

Course Title: Urban Governance and Development Management

Course No.: LGD 642

Duration of the Course: 100 Lecture Hours                                                   FM: 100

Duration of the Class: 60 Minutes                                                                   PM: 40


Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to orient students about theory and principles of urban governance and its development management in general and particularly in Nepal. At the end of the course, the students will be able to analyze the issues and challenges urban sanity through their research and practical experiences and will be able to set urban resource orderly through appropriate policy and program.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction                                                                                                  LH 10
    • Meaning and concept of urbanization, urban development and urban governance: the trend of urbanization and its impact on governance.
    • Issues and challenges of urban governance management in Nepal
  2. Urban Policies, plans and Governance                                                     LH 10
    • The importance of urban policies in urban governance in Nepal
    • Urban planning practices and its impact in Nepal
  3. Urban Poverty and its Impact in Nepal                                                       LH 8
    • Types and forms of poverty (Understanding poverty)
    • Areas of urban poverty and its analysis:
      Household and population, Employment and income, Gender role,
      Health and sanitation, Infrastructure Services.
  1. Role of Participatory organization in Urban Poverty reduction              LH 7
    • Role of NGOs
    • Trade Unions
    • Social organizations
    • Health education and other service social security
  2. Role and responsibilities of Urban Governance Implement                  LH 10
    • Central Governance
    • Provincial government
    • Local Government
    • International donors
    • NGOs
  1. Urban Governance Management and Finance                                        LH 10
    • Roles and importance of urban finance
    • Nature and types of urban finance
    • Role of municipal finance in urban governance management
    • Sources of municipal finance in Nepal
    • Issues and challenges in municipal finance in Nepal
    • Municipal development fund and its role in urban development
  2. Strategy for urban governance management in Nepal                               LH 8
    • Housing and settlement strategy
    • Infrastructure management strategy
    • Environment and sanitation management strategy
    • Strategy for urban poverty reduction
  3. Partnership in Urban Management Development                                         LH 7
    • Rural urban partnership, its philosophy and its impact on urban governance
    • Public Private partnership in urban management
  4. Issues and Challenges in Urban Governance Management                        LH 10
    • Infrastructure issues
    • Financial Issues
    • Environmental management issues
    • Poverty reduction issues
    • Future perspective in urban governance management in Nepal
  5. Project/Field Report                                                                                         LH 20

Basic References

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Supplementary Readings

Dhakal, G.P. (1996). Issues in Urban Development in Nepal, A case study of Kathmandu Valley”. An unpublished Ph.D. Thesis submitted to the University of Delhi, India.