MPA 1st : Fundamentals of Public Administration I

Masters in Public Administration I

Subject: Fundamentals of Public Administration

Course Title: Fundamentals of Public Administration                    Course No.: PA 510 
Nature of the Course: Core
                                                            Duration of the Course: 100 Lecture hrs.
Duration of the Class: 60 minutes                                                  Full Marks: 100
Year : 1st                                                                                         Pass Marks: 40


Course Objective
The purpose of this course is to provide a basic knowledge of Public Administration and Management. The course intends to familiarize the students with the concepts, theories and emerging trends of Public Administration and Management. It also aims at encouraging the students to apply the methods used by the Administrators/Managers in the changed context.


Course Contents 
1. The Practice and Discipline of Public Administration (15 Lecture Hours)

1.1 Public in Public administration 
1.2 The Distinctive Characteristics of Public administration
1.3 Managerial, Political and Legal Approaches to Public Administration

  1. Public administration’s Century(15 Lecture Hours)

2.1 Politics/ Administration Dichotomy
2.2 The Principles of Administration
2.3 Public Administration as Political science
2.4 Public Administration as Management
2.5 Public Administration as Public Administration

  1. Core Functions of Public administration(15 Lecture Hours)

3.1 Organization Structure and Processes
3.2 Organizations and Organization Theory(Bureaucracy/ Scientific Management/ The Human Relations Approach/ Contemporary Approaches)
3.3 Public Personnel Administration: Basic Functions
3.4 Budgeting and Finance: Basic Functions
3.5 Decision Making: Approaches to Decision Making

  1. Administrative ToolsLecture Hours 20

4.1 System approach 
4.2 Participatory approach
4.3 Contingency approach
4.4 Ecological approach
4.5 Management by exception
4.6 Result oriented management
4.7 Crisis management
The Convergence of Management, Politics and Law in the Public Sector (20 Lecture Hours)

5.1 Policy Evaluation and Implementation Evaluation
5.2 Public Administrative Law

5.2.1 Concept and scope of Administrative Law
5.2.2 Separation of power and its role on public Administration 
5.2.3 Delegated legislation
5.2.4 Administrative Tribunals for grievance redressal

  1. Public Administration and Globalization(15 Lecture Hours)

6.1 Public Administration and Postmodernism
6.2 Public Administration in a Multicultural Environment
6.3 Role of Public administration in Globalization
6.4 The Governance Agenda


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